Friday, 30 May 2014

How to feed fish can juice to chickens!

When I make my lunches for the week, I usually decant a large can of Tuna into smaller containers and add flavours to them. The "juice" from the cans was going down the sink. A friend of mine said she pops it in her plant pots and another into the compost bucket.

The cat turned her nose up at it but the chickens showed a lot of interest in it... I popped it out in a bowl on the ground but they fought over it and spilt it. I wondered if there was a better way!

And there is -  Here's what I did...

Take the crust from the ends of the loaves you are turning into sanwiches

Open the can of fish...

And drain the juice onto the crusts!

Voila! Drained tuna for my lunch, Fish juice laden crusts for the chickens!
Everyone is happy! (Except the tuna...)

I had a bit more juice than would soak into the two crust and I used a left over piece of bread to soak it up with. The crust just ripped up and went onto the lawn but the bread turned into mush. So if you are going to use bread rather than the crusts, pop it into a container to move it from the bench to the pen. Otherwise you will have a mess to clean up when the bread falls apart on you as you pick it up!!

The chookies get all those nutrients and minerals in the fish juice, I get nice dry tuna to flavour, the can goes in the recycling and the crusts got to a good home! Not a bad win win for us all.

Score card:
Green-ness: 5/5 for making every component useful!
Frugal-ness: 5/5 for free chicken tonic!
Time cost: 10 seconds to make up, a minute to walk to the pen and less than 30 seconds for the chookies to gobble it all up!
Skill level: None really...?
Fun -ness: Love watching my chookies get excited about a special treat!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Make your own free bike racks out of milk crates and bricks!

We host international students and have ended up with an array of bikes stored in our garage.

Its a great way for the students to get around for free, as well as being quiet, healthy and environmentally great! The problem was the pile of bikes that was continually in the way. Or the pile you made over in the corner that was moved to get at the bike on the bottom and is back in the way again... :/

We looked at buying bike racks but weren't too keen on the price and then while scratching our heads in the garage last weekend, we had one of those serendipitous moments.

We put milk crates and bricks together and... Voila! One free sturdy bike rack!

Here's what I did...

Take your milk crates and fill them full of bricks - like so...

Do this in the place you want the bike rack as they get too heavy to move otherwise!

You need one more milk crate than you have bikes. ie three bikes needs four milk crates to hold them up, five bikes need six crates and so on...

This has worked amazingly well and is adaptable, moveable, expandable and de-constructible if we don't need bikes anymore! 
Some bikes fit better with the centre axel of the front wheel lifted up and placed on the edges of the crates.

Others just wheel in and stay standing up. As its fully moveable you can custom build each gap to its own bike!
We  used about eight bricks in each crate. That was enough to hold each bike in place without moving. The way the bricks go in doesn't matter...
This has been a wonderful addition to our garage! No more piles of bikes in the way and less damage to them as they were getting pulled apart getting them out of the pile. Its also easier to find the helmets as well!

We found our milk crates at the dump shop and the bricks came from my Aunties place - but you can find free bricks at all sorts of places, if you don't have any lying around... Rocks would also work as would gravel or sand in an old chook feed sack. (The possibilities could be endless!

Score card:
Green-ness: 5/5 for not buying a new one and creating one from items just sitting around. 
Frugal-ness: 5/5 for not spending a cent!
Time cost: Maybe 10 minutes..?
Skill level: (I don't think you need one for this project! - Its pretty easy!)
Fun-ness: More relief than fun to have the bikes undamaged and ready to roll when you need them!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Slow Living Essentials Monthly 9 Link up - April 2014


I have been following Christine at Slow Living Essentials for a couple of years now! And in 2012 she started a monthly round up to record on our blog, how we have "slowed down" under nine categories - I have been doing this since she started it at the beginning and really get a lot out of it. 

Here is what I have been up to!

Click on the link to go to the link up and visit other linked up blogs!

Slow Living Essentials Monthly 9 link up - Grab my button!
NOURISH: Make and bake as much as possible from scratch. Ditch over packaged, over processed convenience foods and opt for 'real' food instead. 

Birthday picnic brunch for my Brother in law  - Yum!
All made from scratch! Yoghurt, muslie and stewed fruits followed by frittata, smoked salmon and cream cheese filled croissants and an apple banana and pecan loaf - Oh and Humming bird birthday cupcakes!
PREPARE: Stockpile and preserve. 

Each month I buy an item for my stock pile. Last months item was toothpaste. I figured 12 would be enough for a year and so when it came on special - I grabbed 12 tubes. The check out operator was very good. She didn't lift an eyebrow (nor look at my teeth) I guess they've seen it all!  
REDUCECut down on household waste by re-using, re-purposing and repairing. 
Winters coming! We dropped right down to 15 degrees here in Brisbane a couple of nights ago!!!
I pulled out some socks to discover they needed darning (again) and so an evening was spent darning  over old darns and repairing the same few pairs of sox again. My family thinks I'm nuts and should just go and buy a couple of new pairs. But its kinda fun to darn and re darn - a different colour each year! 
GREEN: up our lives. Start (or continue!) using homemade products. 

Cant think of anything new for this category.... 
GROW: plant/harvest. What's growing this month?

After managing to kill off 4 unkillable zucchini plants, I wasn't sure I should bother with the choko that came in my vege box ready looking ready to plant instead of eat... But I did and its growing... At the moment...
But I'm not getting excited about my vege gardening skills. They have been very unremarkable in recent years...

CREATE: to fill a need or feed the soul. Create for ourselves or for others. 

 Still taking lots of photos of random things and enjoying it!

DISCOVER: Feed the mind by reading texts relevant to current interests.

I'm studying a new unit at Uni and am busy reading text books on event management.... Interesting stuff but right off the scale for the usual events that happen in my life! Although it give an amazing insight into what goes into organising even quite small events like a dawn service for Anzac Day...
ENHANCE: Community: The rewards for your time are often returned tenfold.

We host international students for a local English school and over Easter they decided they wanted to go camping for the long weekend. Booking a campsite the week before Easter was an impossibility and so plan B was dreamed up. They ended up camping in our back yard and did day trips around the area. It was great fun! Different days bought different faces and on Sunday night - we had 14 people for Pizza! Cantonese, Dutch, Korean, German, French, Taiwanese, Japanese and even a Kiwi and a Pom!

Before and After pictures of ANZAC Day Dawn Service - We attended a 5.15am dawn service, along with about 2,000 other people. I am always amazed at how many people come and how silent it is even with 2,000  people in attendance. Always a wonderful community gathering and I always manage to see someone I haven't seen for ages!!


ENJOYLife! Embrace moments with family and friends!

Birthday fun!
Dinosaur egg birthday cake! There is nothing like a cake made with lots of love, laughter and lots of white chocolate! 
These are 'armless non fire breathing dragons made by my niece!
IMPROVEChange or create a habit, work on an aspect of mind, body or soul that needs a wee tweak.

 This one is my addition to the 9. I have been setting myself wee challenges that improve my life over the month. I have gone carless one day a week, stopped buying anything but petrol from a petrol station, paid out my credit card, and tried to exercise more.
Last month I wanted to consciously increasing our fruit vegetable consumption. Not just the meatless meal I have been scheduling into the week, but in each meal, increasing the quantity and the variety of fruits and veges. I have had quite a bit of fun with this coming up with some interesting meals such as kale and ricotta pastry puffs and also simply adding more veges to regular meals. Sometimes they were "hidden" in the sauce, other times there was 7 or 8 veges in the dish instead of lets say 3 or 4. Frittata's have had a bit of a work out along with vege laden pies and pasta's.

This month I want to catch up with some friends I haven't seen for a long time! I have at least four friend that I'm well overdue to spend some time with. This should be an easy challenge really!
I find these bitsy blog challenges to be really motivating. Because I know I have to report back here, I tend to stay honest and it stays in my consciousness - or is it because I write it down... Either way its a good way to make some changes for me!

As always I enjoy popping over to see what other slow livers are up to. Sometimes I can't get past the security things (You know, put in the letters or numbers thingos)  but even if you cant see my comment, know I have been and enjoyed!

Thanks for the opportunity to share again Christine!!! Have a great month everyone! - Kxx
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