Thursday, 15 March 2012

Down to Earth. A guide to simple living - The Book

I came across Rhonda's website when she was just starting to end the process of getting her book published and watched with interest as the proof copies appeared and read her posts about what she was thinking. Lots of people were writing to say they had ordered copies and so I thought I would have a look at one too - Having never seen a blog turn into a book, I was curious to say the least.

My first port of call when looking for any book is our local library. I wandered through the catalogue, backwards and forwards and couldn't find Rhonda's book anywhere. So I emailed the chief Librarian and asked if she was thinking of buying it and if so, I'd be keen to borrow it.

It arrived at the library on the same day that the books went on sale! I got first dibs on it and by the time I picked it up a day later, there were 13 people with requests in for it already - Now that's a popular book!

So what did I think?

Its great! I somehow thought there would be more recipes, more 'how to's,' more projects to try rather than philosophy, but on reflection, the practical side flows from the philosophy. You wont muck around with time consuming activities if you don't believe the reasons for it in the first place.

I think a fair bit of her audience will already be practising a fair bit of these idea's already - I know I am and it was comforting to read someone else's version about what I do and how I think. It's good to see a fair few of us are all thinking along the same lines! It strengthens my resolve to pay off that mortgage, to cook from scratch and to drop out of the consumer rat race as quick as I can!

Its a decent read - not a 'flick through, Hmmm.. that looks interesting'  - type book. With over 325 pages, theres a lot of information to take in. A blog is usually written in bite size pieces. This book is written like a book - not a series of posts. That fact took me a little while to get my head around.

Rhonda has a lovely writing style and in her previous life I believe she was a professional writer. Each chapter is set out to build on the last one, building a complete case for simple living! It's gentle, warm, friendly and enticing. Rhonda tells us how it was for her but encourages you to undertake your own journey - not create a replica of her's.

The pictures are glorious, the layout attractive and easy to read and the book is a good size for reading at the table or in bed. It also fits quite well into medium handbags to take to show others!

All in all a really good book to start exploring simple living and to build on the start a lot of us have already made!

Well done Rhonda!

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