Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Make your own warming microwaveable wheatbag with barley!

Since I have started my new job(s) I have had a a few aches and pains from lifting things that are slightly too heavy, in an awkward way. (But I would argue that there isn't a graceful, pain free way to carry a wedding cake into a room with 100 people watching...) and so I dug out my wheat pack to pop on a few aches and pains... But it was very small. I have no idea why I bought a wheat pack the size of ones palm, but I can tell you, it didn't cover the neck or the back aches. I was so sure it was bigger when I bought it.

So, I decided that I could make a wheat pack after I had a look at the prices and decided I wasn't paying that sort of money. (Which is probably why I bought a small one, now I think about it...) So off I went to the shops to get some wheat, and do you think I could find any? No. So I bought some barley for $1.45 and hoped that it could be used the same way... (If not I was going to put it in a soup!)

A bit of a google search later and it seems that you can use many grains for wheat bags - and so I made mine with a $1.45 worth of soup barley and it works very well!

Here's what I did...

First I found some scraps of material (a couple of old pillowcases in this case) and sewed them into a rough and ready pillow with a small opening to put in 500gm of barley. (I was going for a rustic country feel) I kind of measured it against the barley packet but made it a bit bigger so that the wheat bag will mold to the sore part of my body and distribute the heat evenly. (Do you like my little sewed on heart?)

Then I used a funnel to put the barley in the pillow...

Just like this!

If you put too much barley in at one time, it gets a bit blocked up. I used a skewer poked down the funnel to free it up and get the barley to flow into the pillow.

Then I added a few nice smelly spices like ground cloves and Cinnamon, Then I got some rosemary and lavender out of the garden and added a bit of them in too. I'm hoping that a spin the the microwave will dry them out...

Sew up the wee hole that you used to put the barley. Pop it into the microwave for a minute or two and then pop it onto that sore spot and sit back and relax!

Here is a couple of links to some other wheat bag tutorials - Here and Here.

Don't forget to shake up your bag a bit when you get it out of the microwave to distribute the heated grains evenly - And test it before putting it directly on youngsters and older people with more sensitive and delicate skins.

Oh - And only use cotton, synthetics may melt in the microwave... :(  I used old pillow case scraps for mine.

Score card:
Green-ness: 5/5 Recycled material and grain with a few herbs and spices - nice and planet friendly.
Frugal-ness: 5/5 Free is as frugal as you can get!
Time cost: About 1/2 an hour all up to make, fill, sew up and heat up.
Skill level: You can make this as simple or as complex as you are able!
Fun-ness: Great fun - and wonderful to relax with!


Renee said...

I love the way you write :-). Thank you for posting, I'm gonna make one today. PS I do like the heart!

Practical Frog said...

Thank you! I hope you enjoy making and using one as much as I did! - Kx

Moira Laurie said...

I am about to make one for a friend. He and I have arthritis in our hands so he has an oven mitt style bag, not quite big enough for his hands and very pink! Thanks for the info!

noble said...

Looks like fun
I enjoyed your writing style

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