Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Quick Cheap Birthday Cake Idea!

There is nothing like having only a few hours to put together a birthday cake that needs to feed a tribe of people, travel well, be put together almost instantly, be affordable and still be attractive to the birthday boy...

I stopped by a couple of bakeries and almost had a heart attack at the prices - I had no idea you could pay over $40 for a cake! Then I dropped into one of the big super markets and almost had a heart attack - did you know you can buy a cake for under $4? I wonder what it was made of...

What to do? Pay the money or poison us all? Then I spotted some cheap colourful cupcakes... And had an idea!

Here's what I did...

Bought the cupcakes for just under $1 each already iced and 'sprinkled'. Ducked back into the supermarket and got some of those premade icing decoration thingos and rushed home.

Popped the cupcakes onto a tray with a paper doily (that I quickly ironed) left over from Christmas. Found the 10,000 birthday candles left over from the times I used to 'buy new ones for every event' and stuck one into each cupcake and hoped the white singing one would still sing!

Used jam to stick the icing figurines on with.

Stepped back, took a photo or two, wrapped the pressies and rushed out the door.

Does this ever happen to any one else?

Score card:
Green-ness: 0/5 Not very. In fact I cant think of a green thing about this exercise...
Frugal-ness: 1/5 Not very frugal but less expensive than it could've been.
Time cost: Including the drive to the shops less than an hour.
Skill level: As easy as poking and gluing can be!
Fun-ness: More relief when it came together than 'fun'!

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