Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Fixing my clothes peg hanger thingy!

We bought a long time ago one of those plastic peg hanger things that you use to hang socks and undies on the line without taking up a million pegs or metres of clothes line space - and we loved it. It cost $2 from one of the cheapy shops and its lasted, we reckon, close on five years! Not many $2 investments go that far usually.

I bought a second one when we went camping a few years ago and it disintegrated last week. The plastic just shattered from its life in the harsh Queensland sun.

I rescued the pegs and the hooky hanger-er bit and decided that I could whip something together that might give us a few more years (months or weeks more likely) out of my $2.

Here's what I did...

Got some prunings - hoping they were hardwood

Played with a basic design

And cut them to length

Using the plastic coated wire my husband saves going into the bin at his work - I tied the prunings together in the basic shape

Like this - I only did the four corners - I have an idea that if I had crossed braced them it would be more stable and stronger. But I'm not an engineer and at this point its probably not going to make much difference to getting my clothes dry - But I mention it for those who do like to take such things into consideration!

Using the salvaged pegs, I cut some wire up,

Threaded it onto the hooks on the pegs,

And tied them into place on each of the sticks.

This version of the peg hanger thingy was much (much) bigger than the original and so I added more pegs to it as the ten I managed to save were looking a bit lonely...
We use wooden pegs so we can just toss 'em into the garden to rot down when they die instead of putting plastic ones into landfill.

Tied the hook to each corner with some more wire

And hung it on the line!

Almost impossible to photograph - but I'm sure you get the idea!

Just like a bought one!

Score card:
Green-ness: 5/5 very green to hang washing out on the line in the first place but especially so if its hung on upcycled bits!
Frugal-ness: 5/5 cost me nothing but time!
Time cost: About 1/2 and hour to make and 20 minutes to realise there was no way to photograph it well!
Skill level: Cutting and tieing skills really!
Fun -ness: great fun - cant wait to see hubby face when he see's this creation!


Lois said...

That's an amazing fix. It looks like it could work even better than the original version

Practical Frog said...

As long as it holds the sox, undies and hankies off the ground it will be just fine!! Fun to make, better if it lasts for a few weeks at least! - K xx

Juggler said...

Love it. It looks so much better than the old plastic one.

Practical Frog said...

Yes! And "rustic" is so much more the decorating theme that works better in our backyard!!!! - K xx

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