Friday, 29 January 2016

Home made freezer lables - find what you need easily!

Its the beginning of the year and I'm trying to have a sort out of things, clean and to organise the house - why I choose summer to this is due only to New Years coinciding with summer holidays and the time to do it. I'm sure sorting out the house is better done in Winter - but I digress!

I have an upright drawer freezer which I love much more than my wee chest freezer (that sadly went to the great icebox in the sky a year or so ago) but I have a small issue with it - I spend a lot of time looking for things, opening and closing drawers and cursing the people who put the ice cream away in a different drawer each time they get it out!

In a fit of organising last week - I decided to label the drawers and solve a few dilemmas at once!

Here's what I did...

I went to the freezer and did an inventory of what I store in my freezer - then used a computer to print labels out on a sheet of A4. I made doubles of things like bread and meat (and misc!)

I made two columns on the A4 portrait page and used a 48 point font. Have a play with it. Different fonts are different sizes I discovered!

Then I cut the page up with a pair of scissors into the words.

Then I used the wide clear tape that you can use on packing boxes and sandwiched the cut out word in between two pieces (sticky side in) and then cut the ends of the tape off to even it up - cheapskates laminating!

Then I simply used a piece of blu-tac to fix it to the freezer (after I rearranged it for once and for all!)
I wiped the drawers with a cloth to dry them before sticking the blu-tac on, and so far, each label has stayed there with no problems at all.

Its not the fanciest system in the world but I'm into simple at the moment and this is working a treat!

Something I didn't appreciate was that when the husband was putting away groceries for me he was packing it all into the top drawers as he is tall. This means anything he puts away is in the emptiest top drawers regardless of what it is and I simply have to hunt for it. Since I did this he has been following the instructions to the letter and gets a bit put out when the kids put the ice cream is in the wrong place!

It works a treat and save my sanity and me from getting cold feet while I search all the drawers to see where the mince went.

I can now open a drawer and have all the bread in one place, all the meat in one place - as for the ice cream - well , its a work in progress still!

Score card:
Green-ness: 5/5 for doing something that saves electricity! 
Frugal-ness: 5/5 for only costing  a sheet of A4 and a few bits of tape
Time cost: About 10 minutes
Skill level: Cutting and pasting - One of my favourite techniques!
Fun-ness: Much more fun than the frustration of searching the whole freezer each time you open it!

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